My mission as an Holistic Business Mentor is to serve ambitious, passionate & driven humans to help them unleash their power within and make sales the most natural, fun & flowy thing.


Introduce you to a new era of marketing, the HUMAN CENTERED marketing. I’m showing you how making money becomes your new normal when you break the rules and build your business around yourself and your people.

- Isha, Social Media Manager for Female Coaches

I started my business after finally stepping into my true purpose: SERVING.

As a woman who was diagnosed with a chronic illness at 16 and lost her teen years & early 20s to health struggles, I knew there was more to lifeI knew the life full of pain, shame, regret I had lived until then wasn’t the only type of life I was gonna get. So, I made healing my body my priority & became an entrepreneur to heal my heart & soul.

I moved my first steps in the business world as a SMM & decided to serve magical humans (spiritual coaches, manifestation coaches, wellness coaches)

3 months later I found myself in disbelief because I had to open a waitlist due to my services being in high demand. 

I was filled with gratitude – & realized it was a feeling I had never truly felt until that moment.

As a 21 yrs old woman coming from a small reality in the south of Italy – making my own money & receiving the trust of women from all over the world felt surreal.

Almost a year later (in October 2021), my heart started being loud. It wanted to be heard.

And I knew a whole new chapter was about to start.

I stepped into the role of Business Coach & felt like everything was falling into place once again.

Through the ups & downs of entrepreneurship I managed to have a $7k launch while taking time off, sign clients from Instagram Stories again and again and meet soulmate clients that came to me saying “You’re the only one I would trust. When can we get started?”

The impact I get to create.
The memories I get to make.
The stories I get to hear.
The smiles I get to see on my clients’ faces.
The lifetime friends I get to make.

I consider myself blessed – but I wish there was a better word than that.

In the last year I got to help 50+ women attract clients on their own terms while discovering how powerful they are & what they’re capable of.

It all goes down to that: unleashing your power within & living a life that makes your heart feel at peace while doing what you love.

I strive to always work towards that for me and my people.


I want you to experience the same success while prioritising your wellness. Your body, mind & spirit come first and I help you build a business that supports YOU.

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"Working with Naomi took me from "I am unsure on what to do next" to "This is my business plan to dominate my niche". I was struggling with mindset alot when we first started working. I love that she connects with us on a personal level & not just gives the superficial advices. The connection we built helped me work on my mindset & in just 5 days of working, I have started seeing things in a new light & have started working on my mindset. ."

- Sameera, Email Marketing Expert